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Weekly Vinyl – Genesis

6 May

Second’s Out
For anyone interested in Genesis, this is a great album to start with. It has some of their best tunes from their early years.
This is a controversial statement for true Genesis diehards because they consider that the band died when Peter Gabriel left.
Whatever. This is a great album.
A great progressive rock album
If you just look at this album on its own, without taking into account the past or future history of Genesis, then you will have to agree that this is a brilliant piece of work. The band faithfully recreates their greatest songs with a spirit and soul that just dips out of the speakers.
There are a lot of highlights on this album. The version of Supper’s Ready is brilliant. The closing section of The Musical Box is very well done, as is Firth of Fifth, as is The Carpet Crawl, as is Cinema Show.
There is really nothing amiss on this album except for the first song, Squonk. It was their big hit at the time and leads off this double album for the new fans to get the familiar right away – nostalgia comes later. It is not the strongest song on the album, nor of Genesis’ repertoire.