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Motorcycle Helmet

6 Jun

There are places in the world that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or scooter is optional. The strangest law I encountered was in Bali where it was mandatory to wear a helmet unless you were a local and were wearing traditional garb. Most people, tourists included, rode helmetless.
I always wear a helmet. Not just for the looks – for the safety as well.
The problem with having a simple easy to ride scooter is that one is tempted to just hop on and go. A motorcycle ride has a bit of ritual to it – part of that is suiting up properly. Scooter is just hop on and go.
I did that recently. I was working in the garage and needed some easily available parts that were a few blocks away at the hardware store. It was close to closing so I hopped on and scooted away. I recall someone yelling from their car as I crossed a busy street.
As I parked my scooter in the parking lot – I realized that I had neglected my helmet.
I bought the stuff I needed and walked on home to get my helmet.
And then walked back to get my scooter.
The quick jaunt turned into a bit of an trek.
It would have been quicker had I just walked to the store to purchase my supplies.

Lonely Scooter

17 Mar


North-end of Boston.