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Weekly Vinyl – Piano Music of Erik Satie, Vol. 1

29 Mar

Piano Music of Erik Satie, Vol. 1

Aldo Ciccolini


As I pulled out this album I got good vibes. I remember this well. The calm sparse sounds of Aldo Ciccolini playing Erik Satie’s music. The music where the pauses speak as loudly as the notes. I was a little taken aback as my memory has seemingly filtered out some of the more rambunctious pieces of music. The rambunctiousness is relative as this is nice soothing music. Soothing yes, but music that makes you listen. There is a peaceful tension in the music. It is always there but is never jarring. The listener is compelled to concentrate and listen for the next note. Not the best music for playing in the background but great when you want to immerse yourself in the music. I should mention that the cover is a sketch of Erik Satie done by Picasso and then tastefully enhanced.