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Weekly Wine – 120

21 Mar

SONY DSCSanta Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon
13.5% ABV
$9.60 (LCBO)

I’m drinking this wine and thinking about people who are struggling for freedom.
The 120 in the name of this wine is there because, as it says on the label, “Honoring 120 patriots who helped lead Chile to independence.” I look to engage the Internet to find out who these 120 people are and I get distracted by the events in Ukraine – where people are struggling for their independence and self-determinations right now.
What would any freedom fighter think of this wine?
They would probably like it – they would probably appreciate any wine.
This wine has a distinct Chilean characteristic that I have picked up on. The initial taste is fine, quite pleasant with a smattering of flavours and a hint of complexity. The after-taste comes in and it is a bit dry and harsh. It is the sulphites that are added, as they are to most wines in the sub 10-buck category, that are quite pronounced.
This wine needs to be enjoyed with food because of this after-taste. A hearty meal – not just finger snacks. With food you will not get the harshness and the wine will be a winner at most any occasion.