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Weekly Wine – Santa Shiraz

9 Nov

1109scshSanta Carolina Shiraz
13% ABV
$8.55 (LCBO)

Santa Carolina is a well-known and established wine company that makes economical wines. They tend to be good.
This one is no exception.
It is nicely bodied. It is well flavoured and rather sharp and tangy.
I like it – you will probably like it too.
The only issue I could possibly have with this wine is that it doesn’t have a very well refined sensation when drinking it. It does not have the complexities of more expensive shirazes. It is rather flat in ins flavour.
It is an inexpensive wine so that should be expected.
And treasured.

This wine is a winner.

Weekly Wine – Santa Blanc

28 Sep

0928scsbSanta Carolina Sauvignon Blanc
12% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

This pale wine packs a bit of a bite.
You with think that because of the colour this will be some lame mild wine that has subtle flavours. It is quite a lively but soft wine.
There is a bite – and it comes from the dryness, from the crisp acidic flavouring (which is not overdone.) There are no off flavours. It works well chilled and room temperature. It is nice with some nibbles or just on its own.
Does it work with a meal?
I don’t know. I’m not hungry right now. But I suspect it will be a nice addition to whatever is on the plate.
The other bit of bite comes from the alcohol. At 12.5 per cent alcohol by volume this wine is no slouch. It’s pleasant yet intriguing demeanour does not offer any hintsto the alcohol content – so this wine, when consumed with aplomb, might lead you to where you want to be post haste.

Weekly Wine – Santa Carolina

18 Dec

 SONY DSCSanta Carolina Merlot
$8.95 (LCBO)

A few weeks ago I wrote about a friend who swears by Chilean wine. I’m sure he means this one. This is a good one. Not excellent… but for the price it is very good.
There is a harshness in the initial sip that slightly bothers me. The harshness lingers a bit. It then turns into this dryness which is not unpleasant but is noticeable. This is a very minor observation but it does ring a bell in the consciousness. The strange thing is is that it does not bother me too much. I have just noticed it tonight. Waiting a couple of minutes after having a sip, the time it takes to think up and type two sentences, the dryness dissipates and a nice flavour is left.
This is a good average wine. Slightly above the average in this price range but it doesn’t have a stand-out character to really lift it above the fray.