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Weekly Wine – “Real” Sangria

13 Jul

RealSangReal Sangria Spain
Year: N/A
10% ABV
$9.05 (LCBO)

Oh the disappointment.
I really thought I would get some “real” sangria with this bottle.
After all – it was/is from Spain – the spiritual home of sangria.
But instead, I’m drinking a wine cooler. So sweet I want to brush my teeth. Twice.
It does not taste like it is infused with chemically enhanced flavours like the one I had last week but … the sweetness is sickly.
It is hot and I am listening to good music. This wine is not enhancing my mood.
This is a kiddie wine beverage (it is not wine) – perhaps OK for young kids out on an outing of some sorts.
A transition from a soda or Shirley Temple…

There is much better stuff. The German (YES, German) sangria was much better even though I commented that it was a bit heavier that I liked. Had I drunken that one after the two I have recently sampled I would have praised it to no end.

Weekly Wine – Sangria

6 Jul

BoonesBoone’s Sangria
Year: N/A
7% ABV
$7.40 (LCBO)

Technically this is not wine. It is a wine drink. A wine beverage.
I’m making an exception because I like Sangria on a hot day. So … Sangria wine beverages are OK but the other stuff is not.
I made that decision before I tried this mine.
In one word… Chemicalicious.
I don’t really taste the wine.
I taste citrus fruit – that is plain. I feel the alcohol. And I get a big dose of the manufacturing process.
This is more like a cooler than a Sangria.
When you sip it, it is strangely refreshing but more like drinking a soft drink or soda. You want some more of that to fulfill the unfulfillable. This stuff is too sweet as well – like a cola. I’m sure underage, first time drinkers, will love this because it is not much different than a Mountain Dew or similar concoction.
This stuff, and I’m using the word stuff on purpose, is cheap. And that is not even enough to give it any redemption.

Weekly Wine – Sangria

13 Apr

SangriaFünf 5 Sangria Spain
Year: N/A
Germany / Spain
7.5% ABV
$9.15 (LCBO)

Fünf 5 is a German wine maker that makes a fairly nice Riesling.
This wine is a bit confusing as it is a sangria, which is traditionally a red wine based beverage and originated, I believe, in Spain and Portugal.
This is a German wine company using Spanish wine for its product. Says so on the bottle – Spanish Red wine … Cellared and bottled in Germany.
OK. Why not. Is it good?

It is OK. The wine is a bit heavy for me. It has a fairly heavy body and the fruitiness is quite sublime. It is not at all like home-made sangria. Further examination of the bottle I see that this concoction is made with natural fruit flavours. Natural fruit flavours does not mean that they use the essence of lemons or oranges. So it is no wonder there is no great fruit blast that usually accompanies sangria.
This wine, sangria, is ok if you are very, very lazy. Better to buy a nice inexpensive bottle of wine, use real fruit, and make it at home. Honestly, it is not very difficult or time consuming.