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Weekly Wine – Citra Sangiovese

15 Feb

Citra Sangiovese Terre di Chieti
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

I had no idea I had reviewed this wine before – in 2013.
The label is new.
My eyes are old.
The wine is now 50 cents more expensive and this bottle is from a vintage four years older.
I did not really like this wine then. It was harsh and unrefined.
Today … I don’t mind it at all.
It is acidic around the edges. It has a bark and a bite. It has a deep crimson colour. And there are cherries. You can taste the cherries, sour and the others, in abundance along with hits of other summer fruit.
I honestly did not think that there would be such a big difference in these inexpensive wines based on the harvest year. It is truly astounding. I have reread the old review and take everything back, although I do stand by my words. While the 2012 vintage left a lot to be desired the 2016 vintage is a keeper – well just buy it and drink it.

Weekly Wine – Tini

20 Apr

Tini Sangiovese Romagna DOC
12% ABV

I kept this bottle on the shelf longer than most because I really liked the classy looking label and the fact that it was under eight bucks.
That’s a low, low price and I was quite hesitant to try such a wine for fear that it was really low grade kill.
But the day came when the cupboard was bare and this one last wine tempted me with what I must reiterate is a very nice clean looking and very upmarket label.
The wine falls somewhere between its price and what the label suggests this wine is. It has a very heavy body with lots of flavour – It is an uncomplicated flavour, not much nuance, but it is not too bad. It is a fairly heavy wine though, LCBO states that it is medium bodied, but it really gives the impression of a weighty wine. Perhaps it is the sour aftertaste…
It is not bad for the price. I have had worse wine for a dollar or two more, but I am not convinced that I would buy this again.

Weekly Wine – Citra

13 Nov

SONY DSCCitra Sangiovese Terredi Chieti
13% ABV
$7.45 (LCBO)

I’ve had tasted this wine a long time ago and I remembered it. My memory recalled that it was not a very pleasant wine. It was not an enjoyable wine. It was a harsh wine.
My memory works well as it is all that above and more. I don’t remember it being watery – having a harsh flavour mixed with tepidness. Perhaps that’s just me.
This is a singular wine. A bold wine. A wine that that no doubt has its share of fans. It also will have its detractors.
I don’t like this wine. It is too harsh. It reminds me of the cheap table wine I was served when in Rome. That wine was virtually undrinkable unless you mixed it well with mineral water. This wine is better than that.
But I’m looking for the bottle of mineral water.