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Golden Gate

4 Mar

A thing to do when in San Francisco is to rent a bike and cycle to Sausalito over the Golden Gate bridge. This picture was taken after crossing the bridge and is from the north side. I like the composition with the flowers – the name of them I do not know. What is interesting is that there is a bee flitting amongst the flowers. I did not notice the bee until looking at the photos much later.

Weekly Vinyl – Non-thinking music

25 Dec

Music for Non-Thinkers
Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band


This is a very recent purchase. I picked this up for a buck-fifty at a Goodwill.
I picked it up because I liked the title.
I wasn’t expecting much from this album – just some standard ompa-oompah tunes.
Boy was I surprised.
This is full on chaos. This band is channelling The Portsmouth Sinfonia before it even existed. There is a brilliant energy here. It is raw. It is unpolished. It is sometimes even in tune.
I would like to be clear – this is not a hipster style review being ironic and all.
This is a fantastic album. The musicians are giving it their all. They are obviously amateur musicians but are not playing this as a joke. This is not a comedy piece. This is a raw, uninhibited take on some German standards – the kind you would hear in bars and events in some smaller towns in Germany, or Bavaria.
This is a fun album that is a joy to listen to because of its freshness and the audible enthusiasm of the musicians.