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Weekly Vinyl – Gregorianischen Chorälen

24 May

Das Kirchenjahr in Gregorianischen Chorälen
St. Rombaut Chor, Mecheln
Most Gregorian chant music that I have heard sounds like it was recorded at the end of a long hallway. Very heavy on the reverb. The thought here, I suppose, is to replicate the feel of the music in a large open cathedral. I get the sentiment but it leaves the music murky.

This album suffers from the reverb being applied with a very heavy hand. I suspect that this was recorded in the cathedral of St. Rombaut in Mechelen (Mecheln), Belgium, without any audio effects — notably the over-present reverb. On the record, on my speakers it was a bit too much.

The recording features the heavy soothing Gregorian chants that we all know and love but also, female voices, which is refreshing and interesting. I am quite pleased with this disk as it is of extremely good quality. Not one pop and no hiss. This is another one of my acquisitions in Switzerland as the record says “Made is Switzerland” and this is the only English that sullies this disk.