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Boycott Russian Booze

2 Apr

Dear Mr. Holyday,
I am writing to you as a constituent of Etobicoke-Lakeshore to ask you to support Ms. DiNovo’s Private Member’s Bill calling for the LCBO to boycott Russian vodka.
This is not an anti-Russian action as it is a pro-democracy, pro-human rights issue.
Businesses in the Russian Federation are inextricably linked together and the makers and the exporters of Russian vodka must support Putin’s actions.
You, no doubt, know of Putin’s actions in Crimea and now is threatening a full scale invasion of Ukraine.
His aggression is not limited to former nations occupied by the Soviet Union, but has already been exposed by his past maneuvеrs in the Arctic.
While this boycott might not in itself compel him to stop his aggressive behaviour, the LCBO is one of the largest buyers of alcohol in the world and it will have a serious impact in some pocketbooks and symbolically. The trade sanctions enacted by the Canadian federal government, the EU and the USA is a good step and we all must do our part to ensure that no money goes to Putin’s war coffers.
I believe it is for this issue that all parties can put their differences aside and support this motion to ban the sale of Russian vodka until Crimea is returned to Ukraine and democracy and human rights take hold in the Russian Federation.
Thank you,
Nestor Gula