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Weekly Vinyl – Manifesto

20 Nov

Roxy Music
I vaguely remember buying this album at Peter Dunn`s Vinyl Museum. This was a great used record store in Toronto. It had at least two locations and it`s mascot was a cat that looked a bit like Sylvester the Cat. I found this cat, well the street marker for the Vinyl Museum in an alley and returned it to the store. I got a gift certificate for my trouble. This album might be part of the haul
The album still has the price sticker on it – I paid $2.49, a princely sum. But the Vinyl Museum always had very low prices.
The one way I would describe this album is laid back white funk. It is a really interesting album as it still has some of the feel of Roxy Music`s experimental musical beginnings with the pop sensibilities that were to come in future releases.
It`s definitely an album I`ll put on when guests come over and marvel at the ancient turntable.