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Weekly Vinyl – Rough Mix

19 Jun

Rough Mix
Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane

This album is a collaboration between Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane. The former is the guitarist and principal songwriter for The Who. The latter is the bassist and principal songwriter for the Small Faces and Faces.
It’s a collaboration in the fact that they play instruments on all the tracks – the liner notes says Ron and Pete play various Acoustic & Electric guitars, mandolins & bass guitars, banjos, ukuleles & very involved mind games.” Only one song is written by both musicians. I can’t imagine that Pete Townshend would be someone that one could collaborate musically well.
There’s a bevy of stars on this disc – Eric Clapton (who shares writing duties on a song with Lane), Rabbit (an American keyboardist who has worked with many musicians), John Entwistle, among others.
But the album is rather disjointed. Each individual track is a gem – but as a whole it doesn’t really hold together.