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Weekly Wine – Orange Rosé

21 Sep

0921lorroseL’Orangeraie Rose Vin de Pays d’Oc
12.5% ABV
$9.85 (LCBO)

This is a very nice sharp wine.
I was expecting a bit more of a sweet experience- but this is a very nicely blended and tempered wine.
It is a mix of four grape types – syrah (shiraz), grenache, merlot and cinsault. I’m familiar with the first three, but am drawing a blank on the last one. The last one, cinsault, makes up 50 per cent of the grapes used in this wine and it is a new one for me. I’m tempted to go to Wikipedia and search for this wine but it is late and this wine is quite good.
Here’s the link – I haven’t read it.
This wine is quite a delight – even as it warms up to room temperature. (It is quite warm in my writing den at the moment) There is a bit of acidity – but not too much. There are subtle flavours that dance around the palate but do not dominate. If needed, I could concentrate and determine what fruits and other flavours this wine hints at.
But that would be work.
This is a wine for enjoyment.
And I will enjoy it now.

Weekly Wine – Gazela

29 Jun

gazRosGazela Vinho Verde Rose
9.5% ABV
$9.50 (LCBO)

I’ve had the white wine version of this wine way back when –August, 2013.
This rose is just as nice as the white one.
It is tart.
It is crisp.
It is fruity – but not too much.
What makes this wine better than a spritzer, some wine with club soda usually, is that here the carbonation is very mild. Occasionally referred to as effervescent wine, the slight carbonation is not the result of a shot of carbon dioxide before bottling, but from a secondary fermentation.
This gives the wine a nice round flavour and makes for a very pleasant refreshing drink on a hot day, or evening.
It is a bit dangerous as it does have nine per cent alcohol. On a hot day, it is very conceivable that one can down a bottle or two of this quite easily. Think of two bottles as three pints of beer – in terms of volume. If you are putting down a proper IPA with 6 to 7 per cent alcohol, you will feel it – the heaviness, the hops, the alcohol. This wine has more alcohol yet is light and refreshing.
Dangerous, but good, stuff.
The bottle photographed is empty because I neglected to take a picture before drinking the bottle. It was a hot evening. The wine has a nice pink colour.

Weekly Wine – Blush

28 Oct

 French Cross Blush Tetra
10.5% ABV
9.95 (LCBO)

A Canadian wine. In a tetra pack. Under ten bucks. I have not had much luck with this combination but the tetra pack element is also a new one.
I opened this wine with trepidation. The first sip was a surprise. It is good. The second sip confirmed it. It is very smooth and pleasant. A bit on the sweet side. The wine is not as lively as some roses.
But it is very nice. I opened this with friends and this bottle, er, box, went quickly with everybody commenting on its pleasant characteristics. It had a bit of tartness which went very well with the chatrues meal we were having.
This is a surprisingly delightful wine which will go well for any occasion. The tetra pack option makes it great for picnics.


Weekly Wine – Cotton Candy

25 Jun

SONY DSCCotton Candy Rose
Year: N/A
11.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I saw this wine and it was love at first sight.
Cotton Candy Wine!
Who might this be marketed to?
When I approach something new, be it wine, music, art, humans, whatever, I try not to prejudge. It was hard with this one as I don’t like cotton candy as it is sickly sweet. Your face is sticky, as are your hands, and you feel diabetes looming over you.
And here before me is Cotton Candy wine…
Journalists who review things like bad products because they can wax poetics, shovel the bile, and really put the screws to a product.
I thought this wine would be worse. Make no mistake, this is a bad wine. It is not as sweet as cotton candy, but it has that sicklyness that is attached to that sugary mess. On has to note that these wine creators did get fairly close to the flavour of cotton candy.
Why? Why would you want to do this?
Did they make a wine that is bad and it tasted like cotton candy so they had a marketing brain wave?
I can’t imagine anybody buying this wine, except for a joke… or an insult.





Weekly Wine – Fuzion Rose

28 Aug

Fuzion RoseFuzion Shiraz Rose
13% ABV
$7.90 (LCBO)

Red Fuzion wine, reviewed April 24 in this blog, set the inexpensive wine world alight when it was introduced a few years back. Inexpensive wines became tolerated in rarefied circles. So will Fuzion’s entry into the Rose sphere do the same? (There is a white wine I think, but I have not gotten to it yet.)

There is a reason that Fuzion will not have the sane impact on the rose market as it had on the red wine market. Inexpensive and moderately priced wines dominate the rose market. At best this wine will make a ripple in the marketplace.

And to be fair, this wine is fair. It is a light rose that is refreshing and has no real nasty aftertastes. It is OK. It has to be said that I have never had an excellent rose. They have always been either good or bad. Off or on. No matter what the price point. I have had much worse rose wines that have cost twice the price of this on.

Fusion is a rose. It is a good rose. It is a good rose that is very inexpensive.