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Notes from the air

18 Apr

I’m writing this at 10,972meters.
That’s about 36,000 feet.
I’m in a plane – obviously.
But I am also writing this on my new iPad Air.
What I remember about the original launch of the original iPad, besides a the slavish and excessive praise, was one journalists comment that amongst all the ballyhoo about the new device, none of the reviews were written on the iPad.
So I’m trying to write something,besides simple reminders and notes.
This keyboard is touch sensitive – the operative word being sensitive. Mistakes are made a plenty. However the autocorrect takes over. It works fairly well. In fact, in the short time that I’m using this I have become a lazy writer. The autocorrect compensates for the sensitive keyboard but it also does things automatically that make you chuck proper word raft out the window. You don’t use the apostrophe. In fact, I have to switch keyboards to use it. Words just have to be spelled close enough to come out right. It would be fascinating to see the original “keystroke” version of this. It would be funny and shameful.
I know this is all old hat for most people… But this is my new toy/tool. And I’ve just watched The Big Short and I have another hour or so before we land. And… And this is a big And… I don’t have a window seat. So I can’t even see the majesty of the world, nor can I take pictures of clouds and such. We will be over the Rocky Mountains soon and I will miss seeing them. The airline has a moving map addition called “Window Seat” – it is like looking at Google earth in real time. Not bad, but not the real thing. Through one of the few open windows I can see it is cloudy. Why do you get a window seat and insist on having the shade drawn through to whole flight. What is the point of that!
But back to the writing, I read what I wrote and there were a few autocorrect errors – so I can’t be that sloppy. Editing text is a pain as you have to rewrite the whole word, you can’t position the cursor. But perhaps that is a function of this free word processing software, get name, that I am using. Word and Google wanted to connect to the Internet which is lacking 10 kilometers above the earth.
All-in-all, the experience is not that bad but I do think I need a proper keyboard to do anything substantial. The keyboard needs to be in the right position and have the keys that I usually take for granted when I write on my laptop or my desktop.


Morning in the mountains

14 Jul

Morning in a campground in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This was taken a while back as can be deduced by the antiquated tent. I’m not sure which campground this was in but there are not many bad ones in either Jasper, Banff, Yoho or the other parks.