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Weekly Wine – Riunite

24 Dec

SONY DSCRiunite Lambrusco
Year: N/A
8% ABV
$8.95 (US)

I don’t like spilling out wine… but here I sit and look at this bottle with a sickly sweet taste in my mouth and am considering all options. Drinking more of this wine is down on the list.
I bought this bottle in Las Vegas. I love the label – still do.
After cracking it open and taking the first sip I realized that I was fooled by the label. I was enticed by the red, white and blue motives. I was seduced by the six jets blasting off into the blue yonder – they are F-16s I believe. I was blinded by the fact that it was Italian wine. I would have bought the bottle if it was made most anywhere just because of the label.
The first impression is that this wine is fizzy. I’m Ok with that. But then the fizziness is overtaken by the sweetness. This is cream soda sweet. This is cotton candy sweet. I’ve had a glass-and-a-half and I feel the need to brush my teeth lest the sugar in this wine dissolve the enamel on my teeth.
The only question I have about this wine is whether pouring this wine down the drain can be considered hazardous.