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Weekly Wine – Red plonk

26 Oct

1026loiosrLoios Red
14% ABV
$9.20 (LCBO)

Perhaps the title is not fair.
But that’s the mood I’m in.
I was looking for some plonk and I have it.
This is not the least expensive Portuguese wine in Ontario and it is quite good in its way. It has a nice presentable label that is classy and funky at the same time.
This wine has that earthy flavour that many Portuguese wines have. This flavour is distinctive and while some people don’t like it, it has grown on me and I don’t mind it.
This wine is spicy and the body is not heavy, although it is not a light either. There is a hint of cherry and some other fruit that I can`t quite make out. The balance of this wine is really nice – the earthiness combined with the fruit and spice works very well.
This wine is inexpensive plonk but it is very good plonk. It is definitely worth a taste.

Weekly Wine – Dry Red

4 Dec

SONY DSCFrench Cross Red
Year: NA
12% ABV
9.95 (LCBO)

I have had wines that were simply called “red” in the past. These wines would not list the grape, nor where they were grown. They were usually unspectacular at the high end of the spectrum to barely drinkable on the low end.
This one is different. (It is called Dry Red.) On a scale between spectacular and unspectacular, it comes closer to unspectacular but it is better than an unspectacular wine.
Perhaps it is the fact that it is in a tetra pack that is clouding my judgement – with the bar set so low because of the packaging, this wine cannot do anything but score a few positive points.