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Weekly Vinyl – Ray Charles

24 Jun

The Greatest Ray Charles
Ray Charles

This is one of those albums, those collections of music, that needs to be played on a turntable.
You need to hear the crisp static retort of the needle hitting the spinning vinyl before the first song on the side starts.
It is special.
Listening to this, going through the actions to flip the album and getting the arm in position to start the music flowing again, I can imagine the aura of Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) putting on the album when he and his brother Jake, (John Belushi) come into his one room apartment.
It wasn’t this music, but Ray Charles was in The Blues Brothers. But the feeling is right on.
It is late. I`m drinking cheap wine. And there is a turntable spinning some great blues my way.

Weekly Vinyl – Ray Charles

27 Jun

Dansez Le Twist!
Ray Charles
I got this one is Switzerland. In Winterthur’s market where many of the townsfolk sell their used items. It is a citywide garage sale set in an historic town centre.
What I liked about this album is that it is made of that heavy, heavy vinyl. It feels like an old 78 record. Because of the excellent vinyl the sound is very good.
Unlike most of the albums I picked up at this market, this one had the most dishevelled cover. It must have been played a lot. And listening to this I can see why.
This is beautiful classic blues music. I can’t imagine anybody not liking it. When the first notes came from the turntable I felt like Elwood Blues from the movie Blues Brothers, where Ray Charles appeared, starting his turntable going in his tiny one room apartment.
It’s the blues and I feel very happy listening to it.
Go figure.