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Drying reservoir

5 Mar

This is a reservoir in California that is dryingout. With the rains they have had it might have stemmed the drainage – but I suspect you would need a few years of this type odf rain to get back to the previous levels/


Questions about rain

15 Aug

After a long dry spell it finally rained.
This is wonderful for the grass. For the tomatoes in the garden. For the weeds that I have to pull out.
But the cliché of freshness after the rain eludes me.
It is hot.
And sticky.
Rather miserable as everything is damp and humid.
When will the rain come to rid us of the humidity?

Rain in Gdansk and Batman

14 Jul

It was pouring rain in Gdansk. We didn’t do much sightseeing but we visited some nice coffee houses and had a great Turkish Kebab. There was a really cool jazz duo playing in the rain – bass and trumpet.
I was not planning on taking a photo of them. The camera was securely stored in my bag.
But then Batman appeared.

In the rain…

In Gdansk…