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Driving night radio

13 Mar

Radio has been on its deathbed since the advent of television – so many pundits have said.
Radio was to be killed by cassettes, CDs, Internet, podcasts, satellite radio…
Radio is still here.
Sure most people listen to it in their cars – but that is not a negative aspect.
If you would listen to the call-in shows, most people are at home, or at work. Some, very few, are driving. I listen to the radio in my car and at home.
But I mostly love listening to the radio at night. Especially CBC radio at night. Fantastic music. I was recently driving through a deserted, semi snowy, Toronto at night and listening to the radio – what a magical experience. I occasionally listen to CBC at night when I’m in the workshop, but I think I’ll take the car out for a brief drive next time it is a nice night and I want some great music.