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Weekly Wine – Aveleda

16 Jul

SONY DSCQuinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde
$9.95 (LCBO)

(This somehow did not get posted when it was supposed to be posted. So I’m backdating it to when it was supposed to be posted.)

Vinho Verde is a light, somewhat fizzy, wine that should be drunk chilled on a hot summer day. And it works so well.
It is tart. Which is great because it refreshes without the sweetness that makes you want to drink more. There is an earthy background to this wine, similar to many Portuguese wines. In some it is a distraction but since this is a light white wine there is just a hint of it. It works very well in this instant.
It is low in alcohol – so it is a great summer drink. High alcohol can send you reeling in a hot summer sun. This wine works well balancing the thirst quenching properties, with the alcohol content and the quite interesting flavours now that they have truly enveloped me.
I didn’t have an overpowering sensation of sulphites but I checked the lable to see if they were present.
It said, “Contains sulphites and milk.”
How bizarre…