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Weekly Vinyl – QE2

11 Oct

Mike Oldfield
This album was released in the midst of Mike Oldfield’s process of reinventing himself. Gone were the long album (even double-album) length compositions. The shorter and slightly more radio-friendly fare on this album is still infused with Oldfield’s music sensibilities – combining folk and classical elements and mixing it with rock and a dash of jazz.
There are longer pieces on this album as Taurus 1 clocks in at 10:17. This is a very typical folk infused Oldfield composition. It is followed by a nearly four minute song titled Sheba which features a vocal which is heavily saturated with a vocorder effect.
I loved this track back in the day. I still like it now. The album even has Oldfield covering an Abba tune – Arrival.
This album is a fantastic look at a great artist going through a transition phase. Oldfield always mixed genres of music and in this album he was most definitely taking everything that he has done before and moulding it into a new music.
Purists and fans of Tubular Bells might dismiss this album but it says more about them than Oldfield’s work.