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Weekly Vinyl – Hawaii

29 Aug

Aloha From Hawaii
Barney Issacs Jr. and his Hawaiian Islanders
and Pua Almeida and his Hawaiian All Stars

This album is a cliché. That is why I bought it.
I bought it years ago and have rarely listened to it. This is because I do not really appreciate Hawaiian music. I’m sure I would appreciate it sitting back on a hot day on a beach, with the music gently in the background.
But listening to it when you are trying to get some things accomplished and you have these twangy sliding guitars and ukulele strumming can set your brain to explode.
Mine nearly did just now. One of the songs is similar to the tune “Walking in a winter’s wonderland.” Very bizarre.
I turned the music off and calmed down. Finished what I was doing and then turned the sounds of Hawaii back on.
It is what it is. Don’t listen to this when you are in a bad mood. Usually music will sooth your soul. This will turn you into a psychopath.