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Weekly Vinyl – Even in the quietest Moments…

25 Jan

Even in the quietest Moments…
This is such a joyous album in a way. It really brings me back to my childhood. Well pre-teens anyway. The first guitar chords of Give a Little Bit, the first song, put a nice big grin on my face. That look did not leave until the end of Fool’s Overture, the last song. This is a damn fine album. Released it 1977, the same year one of my other favourite albums was released, Talking Heads 77. Perhaps I should organize my albums in the year they were released and see if there is any annual pattern to my musical tastes. My LPs are in a very random order – I gave up ordering them the last time I moved them from one corner to the other and built them a special metal shelf. But back to this album – it is really interesting to listen to this music again. It is good. The songs are catchy, well crafted and not overblown or over produced. I was trying to come up with a novel category for Supertramp and came up with Progressive Pop Rock. It kinda fits.