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Admiral what?

14 Jul

Spotted this boat moored at the Gdynia harbour.
Usually a boat is named after something inspiring.
Who was this admiral anyway?

Not the famous Jeziorany

11 Jul

Believe it or don’t, but there is a famous Jeziorany in Poland.

This is not the famous Jeziorany

Back in the day there used to be a famous radio program that originated in the famous Jeziorany. I’ve never heard that radio program and I have never troubled myself to find out where the famous Jeziorany are.????????
This one is tucked into the Mazurian Lakes area of Poland – roughly in the North-Eastern part of the country. It’s a quiet little town where my wife was raised.

This is the Police Station. It might seem decrepit,
but the dungeon scares the locals straight.

I used to joke that the town had three roads and each one left town, but it’s not that bad here now. If there is an argument for the positive influence of Europe – one can see it here. There has not been any European investment here, but there has been a bit of public and private investment and the town looks not bad.
As I was sitting in a field gazing at storks in the distance, I realized I had not heard the sound of an airplane since I got here.
Internet access is spotty here as well. The library has it but my netbook and my son’s iPod can’t connect to it. I use their computers which is not ideal.
It is great to live and relax without the connectivity.


Flocks of birds surround the church’s tower. The town was founded in 1335 in what was known as Prussia.


 These are war graves of German soldiers that died in battles during WWI.


Przemysl Morning

21 Jul

Morning in Przemysl, Poland in 1989. I had just gotten off the overnight train from Warsaw and was making my way to a friend’s house – to wake him up no doubt.