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World War One graves

9 Apr

These are soldiers graves in Jeziorany, Poland. German and Russian soldiers are buried here because the massive Battle of Tannenberg took place not too far from here. Same soldiers are named others are inscribes as an unknown soldier of such country. I was thinking of this because of the memorials going on about the Battle for Vimy Ridge where Canadian troops succeeded in reaching their objectives. I haven’t been to many battle sites in Western Europe but since Eastern Europe is just one big battle site and I have seen many sites of endeavours and of atrocities. This was a big battle in its day but is now a quiet place on earth and nearly forgotten by many but the most ardent historian – like most battle sites.

Weekly Vinyl – Polish Carols

23 Dec

Mazowsze Spiewa Koledy/ Mazowsze Sings Christmas Carols
I normally choose albums to review randomly from the rack of records that I have. I decided to cheat a bit and choose one with Christmas carols due to it being Christmas and all and the fact that I had a bit of a rant a while back about Christmas music in the shopping areas of North America. I grabbed a bunch of Christmas records and randomly chose one, so there is a bit of random feel to this anyway.
Rondom chose well as this is a recording of the relatively famous Polish song and dance ensemble Mazowsze singing carols. (BTW – it is pronounced Ma-zov-sheh.)
The recording is an old one and rather muddy with a bit too much reverb – no doubt natural and not enhanced. The muddiness probably stems from the crappy microphones that existed at that time behind the Iron Curtain.
But the muddiness and reverb give an ethereal quality to this recording. As you listen to this you can imagine that you are standing in a freezing cold old gothic church in Poland during midnight Mass listening to a great choir.
The carols here are fantastic and a much needed relief from Frosty and Rudolph.


Old Prescription

28 Jun

As generations pass on, much that is interesting can be tossed. Books are one of the main items that get discarded. I got many a good book from a family friend that had passed away – everyone agreed that the books should be tossed into a bin – I took them all.
In this collection was an old Ukrainian-English dictionary that was published in1947 in Germany – Nuremberg and Bayreuth to be exact. This is actually fascinating as the Displaced Person camps set up for refugees after World War Two concluded were quite full of life and political and cultural activity.
But although interesting, the book itself is not the main star. In its pages I found an old prescription from a doctor in Lviv, Ukraine. The prescription seems to be dated the 21 November 1941. It could be 193something as well.
This was a turbulent period for Lviv, Ukraine and Europe. World War Two was in full swing – Germany had invaded the Soviet Union. Lviv had been occupied by the Soviets, who invaded Poland, only two years prior. A Ukrainian government was trying to establish itself in the wake of the Soviet retreat.
I have asked a few friends if they know anything about this doctor or even the street he practiced on but they were unsure.
Perhaps someone in the virtual world can help.

Bike Cafe

5 Jun

I’ve seen a bunch of these in Eastern Europe. This one was the first I saw, on the boardwalk by the Baltic Sea in Gdynia, Poland. Later I saw a whole bunch more in Poland and Ukraine. The coffee’s good and reasonably priced.

Kashubian Stork

12 Jul


I took this shot of a stork strolling through the fields last year. It was at my wife’s cousins house in the Kashubian Lakes area of Poland. There are a lot of storks in the northern part of Poland. They are a wonderful  creature to behold.

Century home

31 May

This idyllic wall and house is in Jeziorany Poland. This was probably built a few hundred years ago and survived both world wars and a revolution or two. The house is a bit dilapidated but will probably last another 100 years or so.

An interesting spin

24 May

By itself, this photo is a simple shot of an ATR72’s propeller starting up. What is not shown is that two or three rows down and across the aisle sat the, at the time, Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk. (He was soon to become the President of the European Council.) The flight was fine.

Garden Pants

10 May



Saw this in Jeziorany, Poland. I’ve got to make this for my garden.

City Map

19 Oct

I’ve seen many city maps in the places that I have visited but nothing as cool as this one of the old walled city ov Olsztyn in Poland. Located in the Mazurian Lakes area in North-East Poland, the city was a Prussian bastion and was knows as Allenstein until the end of WWII. This brass relief looked fantastic in the square leading to the castle in the city.

Rain in Gdansk and Batman

14 Jul

It was pouring rain in Gdansk. We didn’t do much sightseeing but we visited some nice coffee houses and had a great Turkish Kebab. There was a really cool jazz duo playing in the rain – bass and trumpet.
I was not planning on taking a photo of them. The camera was securely stored in my bag.
But then Batman appeared.

In the rain…

In Gdansk…