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Weekly Vinyl – Live Gabriel

24 Jul

Plays Live
Peter Gabriel


This album is an example of why I love live albums.
This album is a chronical of Gabriel’s first solo tour. I happened tocatch this show whenit rolled into Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens. It was a great show and the album does a credible job of capturing the atmosphere of the show. The liner notes mention that some parts of the live album were recorded in a studio later but that is par for the course for most life albums.
That being said – the band does sound great on this album. Although for the most part the soungs sound great, there are some disappointments – I found the song Solsbury Hill a bit flat, without passion, unlike the album version. But his is the only quibble. And this might be just because the previous song, San Jacinto, is so strong and powerful.
This is a fantastic snapshot of an artist at his prime –a very worthy album.