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Weekly Vinyl – Platinum

20 Jun


Mike Oldfield

As punk was breaking and new wave and rap music was in its infancy, Mike Oldfield decided to stop making very very long compositions. His previous ones were album length and even double album length.
The compositions also are much tighter and feature his very excellent guitar work.
Oldfield made long works and played all the instruments himself. Even though he played a guitar he was known as a multi-instrumentalist. He is still known as a multi-instrumentalist. He should be known as a guitar God.
This album really shows off his guitar prowess. Yes there is a lot of multi-instrumental work, but his guitar is front and centre in nearly all the pieces here.
The title track track, divided into four parts, dominates the whole first side. It is powerful and the final, aptly titled North Star/Platinum Final for its use of elements of Philip Glasses work North Star, is something that you want to listen to forever.
This is an amazing album that all guitarist should hear – to be entertained, wowed, and humbled.