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Weekly Wine – Cono Sur Pinot Grigio

10 Jun


Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Grigio
14% ABV
$9.90 (LCBO)

This is an example of why under ten dollar wines rule.
For the life of me I thought I had reviewed this wine before. There is a whole series of these wines from Chile called Cono Sur.
Get it. Cono Sur. Southern cone. Look at a map…
These wines are all good. They are ubiquitous at any reception. I seem to recall Konrad Ejbich recommending this series of wine on a CBC radio show. I have drank this wine but never reviewed it.
I usually drink the Cono Sur red wines but this white Pinot Grigio is a very nice fruity example of this wine. There is a bit more flavour in this one than in similarly priced Italian Pinot Grigios and it finishes well with no after taste.
This is a great wine – but if you plan to impress a host with your largess by bringing it, beware – they know this wine well.

Weekly Wine – J.J. McWilliams

22 Apr


J.J. McWilliam Pinot Grigio
11.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This is a very interesting Pinot Grigio. It is rather more full bodied than most Pinot Grigios that I’ve had. It could be described as full bodied and fruity indeed.
It is smooth and nice, particularly when chilled. When it gets to room temperature, it loses a bit of life and becomes very pedestrian and plain. It is not bad at this stage but you would not really enjoy it too much. You would probably put an ice cube in the wine – a profanation for some.
For me it does not match a standard Pinot Grigio too much. Is it because it is Australian? The full body and the very fruity taste are a bit of a distraction but quite pleasant when the wine is well chilled.
I like the label that gives the wine some class – so I guess this would be a good wine to bring over to a dinner party or some such other occasion.

Weekly Wine –Beringer

25 Feb

SONY DSCBeringer California Collection Pinot Grigio
12.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Another Pinot Grigio.
Another good wine.
I should honestly try a really expensive Pinot Grigio and see if there is any difference to these sub $10 Pinot Grigio wines. I’ve tried ones that cost $15 or so and there is no difference.
The most expensive Pinot Grigio at the LCBO, where most Ontarians buy their wine, is $34.95. That’s a 750ml bottle of Italian wine. For the same amount you can get 3 litres, in a box, of Copper Moon Pinot Grigio which I reviewed a while back. It’s not the best, but it will do.
This one is much better. It is crisp, light and pleasant to drink. It is a very nice wine – a classic Pinot Grigio. The colour is quite pale, but that is par for the course for these types of wines.
You could spend much more on a Pinot Grigio – but why would you?

Weekly Wine – Copper Moon

17 Dec

SONY DSCCopper Moon Pinot Grigio
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Hey… Here’s an inexpensive Canadian white wine that isn’t half bad.
To be honest, I have not had a bad Pinot Grigio. It is a foolproof grape.
This wine is a blend of Canadian and imported Pinot Grigio wines, so it should not be too difficult to make it OK. I’ve even made Pinot Grigio at a wine making place and it turned out well.

Actually… this wine tastes like that. It has a body of one of those wines.
Usually Pinot Grigio wines are light in flavour and body. This one is heavy. It has weight. It is not unpleasant, but it has this metallic after taste to it. These be the sulphites. They are quite pronounced when the wine drops to room temperature. But it is not that bad.
I am quite taken by this wine. That said – there are better wines at this price. But if one wants a heavy Pinot Grigio, this is the one.

Weekly Wine – XOXO

27 Aug

SONY DSCXOXO Pinot Grigio Chardonnay
Year: N/A
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I’m approaching this wine with great trepidation. I had the XOXO Shiraz Cabernet and I hated it.
I disliked the whole concept of the wine. It was a blend of Canadian and International wines, It was cellared in one of three provinces of Canada (It could not tell me which one), the taste was nothing to brag about and there were much better wines for the price.
Well here we are again with the that red wines cousin. A Pinot Grigio Chardonnay.
And whereas the Shiraz Cabernet was dissapointing, this one is OK.
The Pinot Grigio grapes give some bite while the Chardonnay give some fruitiness. It is a fine summer wine. It leaves a bit of dryness in the mouth but that is OK.
I have had worse wines for more money than this one.
It does need to be consumed well chilled with a fairly warm ambient temperature to be enjoyed. A nice light summer evening breeze would also be called for.


Weekly Wine – Argento

30 Jul

SONY DSCArgento Pinot Grigio
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Now here’s a good wine.
Here’s a wine that a discriminating wine buff can enjoy.
Make no mistake – this is not vin bon. This is very pedestrian wine.
Yet it wears its pedigree well. In fact it wears it very well.
It is unpretentious. It is refreshing. It has a nice kick. It goes down nicely – whether sipped or gulped. It does not have nasty after-tastes.
Most of the Pinot Grigio that I have consumed came from Italy. This Argentinian grape is very much the same. It is a go-to white wine grape. You can get it rather inexpensively or pay a hefty premium. Honestly, I have never tasted or experienced a difference.
As we are in the midst of summer this is a great wine for the outdoors. It needs to be chilled so it is better for the backyard/patio/balcony situation unless there is a nice ice filled cooler present.
There are many dodgy white wines out there that claim to be refreshing and pleasant. This one is all that. It is also very affordable.
Enjoy it.