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Road Trip

1 Apr

Although I’m not self-isolating and actually work outdoors – I’m so ready for a road trip. This was from a trip in Arizona, We are heading south from Sedona going through Phoenix and on to Tucson. We were just coming down from some snowy peaks and heading for warmer weather.

Ungrateful crabs

18 Dec

2crabsI was walking along a beach,
minding my own business,
when out of a hole,
these two crabs popped out.
They scurried about while I was transfixed.
Then they posed for this picture.
I took this picture and I thanked them.
They crawled back into their hole without saying, “you’re welcome.”

Poplar in the Sunset

28 Apr


This is one of the few images that I took from a moving car that I don’t mind. I have a habit of taking many shots. Most of them are bad. I’m being generous. But habits are habits. I will continue taking shots from moving cars. The shot would have been better had the farmhouse had its light on. I can add them in Photoshop but I would probably make a hash of it. I look at this shot and get the feeing of movement and stillness.

Spring Mirror

31 Mar


Strolling through the Toronto Zoo



24 Mar


A few years ago in Haliburton from the balcony of our hotel.

Lonely Scooter

17 Mar


North-end of Boston.