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Weekly Wine – Merlot

22 May

SONY DSC Philippe De Rothschild Merlot VDP
13.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)
Ah ha… the first French wine on this list. And one with a name — Philippe De Rothschild. The label is funky but classic. The script writing says Merlot. No need for a fancy name if you are a French wine I suppose. But then comes the real rub. This is ordinary wine. For me, nothing really stands out about this wine. It is pure plonk that knows it is plonk. This is a wine without personality.
From what I understand in France there is Vin-bon and Vin –ordinaire. Good-wine and ordinary wine. I expect that there is also bad wine but they just don’t admit it. This wine is firmly in the ordinary bracket. With the name on the bottle and the compelling label I was expecting a bit more character and drama from this wine and not a generic wine flavour.
Is it bad – No. Will I buy it again — yes, to take it to people’s houses who will be impressed by the label, the name on the label and because it is French.