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Conventional dreariness

26 Jul

Well the Republicans have crowned their orange leader in a sea of fear and hate and it is now up to the Democrats to confirm Hillary.
The conventions were supposed to be exciting and controversial. I was expecting fireworks and fighting. But they have, so far, been… pedestrian. A bit of minor controversy here and there – but nothing really serious. The news channels are grasping at straws trying to pump up the level of scandal – analyzing and rehashing every statement.
So Melania plagiarized a speech – Michelle Obama’s speech. Bad. Sad. Stupid. Loser-like. But not an issue for the Trumpists. Cruz didn’t endorse – same. Some of Sanders’ supporters don’t like Hillary – nothing new. The Democratic party favoured Hillary – that’s not a big deal, everybody knew that. Like most people know that most of the Republican “establishment” is extremely wary of Trump and support him for simple party unity.
The conventions ae a dud if you came for controversy.


24 Jan

New York City, in all its glory, from New Jersey – in all its glory.
Taken on the top floor of a Megabus heading to Philadelphia.
One World Trade Center is the big building in the center.
I tried to get the Empire State building in the shot but the bus was moving fast and it was quite bumpy.

Race Track

27 Dec

I was flying out of Philadelphia when I caught sight of this race track. I had no Idea what it was. Thanks to Google Earth I figured out it was Harrah’s Philadelphia Racetrack and Casino. It’s horse racing – not car racing.

July 4

4 Jul

Something patriotic for my American friends.
The Stars and Stripes fluttering in front of the
Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.

Abandoned but not forgotten

16 Feb


There are always abandoned buildings in urban areas. Just like there are fallow fields in the country. I was walking on Girard in Philadelphia and this group of abandoned buildings did not stand out at first because they were well “camouflaged”.

Phones not here

8 Sep

This was taken at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Thankfully I was not there looking to use a phone.
I was there to use the bathroom. The bathrooms did not suffer the same fate as the phones.

Weekly Vinyl – The Best of Mario Lanza

22 Mar

The Best of Mario Lanza
Mario Lanza


I pulled this our of my collection and I have no idea how I got this album. I have seen it around when I scroll through the collection, my wall of records is in no order – blissfully unorganized, but have never listened to it. I was tempted to go visit the Mario Lanza museum when I was in Philadelphia but I went for a cheese steak instead. Gotta say, Mario Lanza had an amazing tenor and this recording shows the voice well. The backing music is a bit too saccharine laced for my liking, but it is very period. Lanza died in 1959 so this album has that late fifties sound. This music just begs to be listened to on vinyl with a bit of hiss and the odd pop thrown in.