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Weekly Wine – Periquita White

26 Nov

SONY DSCPeriquita White
12.5% ABV
$8.80 (LCBO)

For some bizarre reason I was very apprehensive when opening this wine. This is an irrational feeling. I have had the red. And it is fine. It was quite good in fact. I even drank it in Norway north of the Arctic Circle. And it was good there.
But this is the white.
And it is very OK. Nothing to spectacular. It is fine.
I was looking, and straining, to find something incredible, either negative or positive, to say about this wine. I couldn’t find anything.
It does not have that earthy taste that many Portuguese wines have, so that is a positive – or a negative depending on your taste preference. Like the red Periquita, this is a very nice average wine. It is inoffensive but has a bit of distinct flavour that does make it stand out among the low end white wines.
You can pick this one up when you get a little bored of the inexpensive Italian Pinot Grigios.
You will not be disappointed.