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Weekly Wine – Pelee S-C

20 Jan

SONY DSCPelee Island Shiraz Cabernet
Canada and others
12.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This was not the first bottle of the evening at the dinner.
It was the last though.
The consensus was that it was surprising that it was quite good. Not excellent, but quite fair.
The expectations were not high as this was one of those Canadian/International blends. They tend to be of questionable taste and quality – usually they aim to get the price down … under ten bucks.
This wine is that but it has a nice character. It is dry but not too dry. It has a fairly robust body and an indistinguishable syrupy fruit essence.
You won’t mistake this for “vin bon.” But then again it ain’t bad wine.
It’s a standard table wine that can be had at any occasion. That being said, there are better wines at this price.

Weekly Wine – Pebbles

19 Feb

SONY DSCPelee Pebbles Vidal Hibernal
$9.45 (LCBO)
I finally found one. A bottle of sub-ten dollar wine from Canada that is good. I’ve always wondered why Ontario, the province of my residence, just does not produce a good cheap wine. This wine from the southernmost point in Canada, Pelee Island, is quite fruity and not very light. It has a strong yellowish colour and is quite robust now that I think about it. It has presence. It has character. It does not have any harshness when drinking it or any bizarre acidic after taste. It is a nice wine. I even let it get to room temperature and it was still fine to drink. Which leads me to remember a good joke that I heard Mitch Hedberg say – “Every temperature in a room is room temperature.” Some inexpensive wine gets quite deplorable when the chill goes off. This wine gets a bit more fruitier and more robust.