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Weekly Vinyl – Red Paul

13 Nov

Снoва в СССР (Back in the USSR)
Paul McCartney
This album was a Soviet Union release of some Rock`n`Roll oldies Sir Paul McCartney recorded over two days with some buddies. It was part of the Soviet propaganda efforts to project a cool face as it was struggling with a crumbling economy and a “new” era of perestroika and Glastnost.
All that collapsed and I ended up with a bunch of these albums in my basement. The rumour in the Soviet Union in the late 80s and early 90s was that you could get several hundred bucks in the west for this Soviet only release. Perhaps the first ones to trickle out from behind the Iron Curtain fetched such a princely sum but the subsequent flood that these rumours unleashed meant that most could not be sold even for the Soviet black market price of this album which was around 40 cents. I tried to palm off these albums at used record stores in Toronto. No one wanted them because they all had several copies. So I am left with a few.
As for the music – It is Paul McCartney playing some Rock ‘n’ Roll standards with a few buddies. It’s OK if you are into that.

Weekly Vinyl – McCartney in the USSR

15 Nov

Paul McCartney
I have a many copies of this album. It was released exlusively in the USSR in the twilight of that bastard regime, and initially some collectors paid a kings ransom for what they thought was a rarety.
The citizens of the USSR heard about this and when they were able to get an exit visa they would leave for North America with a few of these records, purchased for a measly 4 roubles, hoping to make a killing in the West. Unable to sell these albums because no one wanted them after the initial curiosity faded, some of my Ukrainian friends left the albums with me. I haven’t been able to get rid of this lo many years have passed.
The album itself is fairly forgettable. Sir Paul is having some fun belting out some blues standards and some oldies … but the album itself is quite unremarkable.

Weekly Vinyl – Wings over America

21 Jun

Wings over America
Paul McCartney and Wings
I bought this album during the Boxing Day sales from either A&M Records or Sam the Record Man. I know this because there was no other way I would have been able to afford a triple album as a very young lad. Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, was always an adventure — take the subway to downtown, wait in line for about half-an-hour to get into the store and then buy what you could afford. There were always amazing deals on albums on Boxing Day in Toronto.
I saw Sir Paul McCartney a while back on the Colbert Report and they noted that this album was being re-released with digital enhancement and all.
I’m not going to buy the new CD because I have the original album. I listened to this album a lot. One can say it is well worn. It still sounds wonderful. The band is on fire and is tight reproducing not just their songs but a bunch of Beatle tunes as well. The band is so tight some songs, actually most, sound like they were recorded in a studio with live cheering sounds added in the studio.
It’s a good album. I’m glad I hung on to it. I sold most, if not all, my other Beatles albums to finance other record purchases. It is a great live album that presents an artist at his peak.