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Weekly Vinyl – Wings over America

21 Jun

Wings over America
Paul McCartney and Wings
I bought this album during the Boxing Day sales from either A&M Records or Sam the Record Man. I know this because there was no other way I would have been able to afford a triple album as a very young lad. Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, was always an adventure — take the subway to downtown, wait in line for about half-an-hour to get into the store and then buy what you could afford. There were always amazing deals on albums on Boxing Day in Toronto.
I saw Sir Paul McCartney a while back on the Colbert Report and they noted that this album was being re-released with digital enhancement and all.
I’m not going to buy the new CD because I have the original album. I listened to this album a lot. One can say it is well worn. It still sounds wonderful. The band is on fire and is tight reproducing not just their songs but a bunch of Beatle tunes as well. The band is so tight some songs, actually most, sound like they were recorded in a studio with live cheering sounds added in the studio.
It’s a good album. I’m glad I hung on to it. I sold most, if not all, my other Beatles albums to finance other record purchases. It is a great live album that presents an artist at his peak.