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Night Eiffel

26 Mar


A handheld night shot of the Eiffel Tower.
I like night photography.
I should do more of it.

Paris locks

27 Nov

I forget the name of this bridge in Paris, but every bridge over the Seine there has a name it seems. Thay also are weighed down with locks as can be seen in this picture. The superstition is that if you put a lock on the bridge this cements your love. It caused part of a bridge to collapse. It does not look to nice – the background is much nicer without the locks there. There are much better ways to celebrate one’s everlasting love than contributing to pollution and destruction of infrastructure.

Louvre with moon

28 Aug


The title says it all – what more is there to add.


16 Nov

There is not really not much to say or write when contemplating the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris this past week.
Yes many pundits have spoken and written about their horror and sadness … yet others have pointed out that this sort of violence happens quite often around the world and it is only a few events that get picked up the the world’s consciousness and then “go viral.”
I read an interesting article concerning ISIS in The Atlantic and it really gave an interesting picture of who these people might be. It also made me wonder weather they, ISIS, carried out this attack on Paris and who are the ones that are threatening the whole world with bloodshed and instability.
The tragedy is in the people who senselessly lost their lives due to someones deeply held but flawed beliefs. But it also is in our response, grieving and then bombing some distant target to make us feel somehow better.
I’m not sure how to resolve the ISIS question, but it seems that bombing them increases their recruitment and fuels their drive.
Ignoring them is not the answer.
I’m waiting to hear Donald Trump say that we should build a wall around them.

Distant La Defence

27 Sep

This shot of Paris’ La Defence is taken from the Arc de Triomphe. La Defense is a futuristic looking office tower area. It is worth a visit when you are in Paris.

Steps to church

30 Aug


There are famous steps to Sacre Coeur in Paris. Those are in front. These steps are at the side and are actually very nice… they come from a cool little area of town.

Notre-Dame service

21 Jun


The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is very impressive – Inside and out. You really need a good wide angle lens, with perspective correction as well, to capture the majesty of the exterior. This shot is taken behind the alter as a service was going on.

Sacre view

17 May


Driving into Paris one gets a very nice view of  Sacré-Cœur. It was such a nice view that I figured I would not have to go there. I did though, and do not regret it.

Le Centaure (César)

12 Apr


I took this image in Paris. I liked the look of the statue but I had no idea what it was of or where in Paris it was located. Looking at the stores in the background I finally found it on Google Earth. The statue is of a Centaur by the sculptor Ceasar Baldaccini. It is on the corner of Rue de Sevres and rue Cherche-Midi.

La tour

29 Mar

Spring is here and my thoughts turn to France. I was in Paris in the fall. This shot was taken from the Galeries Lafayette roof. I love the colours. So Paris.