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Useful political signs

2 Nov

I spent the past Sunday watching NFL football and painting the house. The NFL was actually quite convenient as there were four games on – there was a game in London and then the usual three in the USA.
The games provided a nice distraction and did not interfere too much with the painting. I chose football as the background noise as the sound system was disassembled and my small portable unit is on the fritz and perhaps is terminal. (Speaking of which – I should find and purchase a used portable cassette tape player so that I could listen to all my cassettes…)
As we were painting a several rooms, we needed lots of coverage for the floor so that paint does not splatter on the hardwood. As we had an election recently, I was blessed with many political signs – I usually try to get each party to put up a sign on the lawn. These signs are a type of plasticized corrugated cardboard hybrid. Very durable. And they make great floor covering when you are painting. They cushion your feet when you are standing for a long time.
These are very useful political signs.

Love the fake

22 Mar

SONY DSCIt is quite funny to note that I like Las Vegas.
I don’t like to gamble. I don’t really get into the Las Vegas shows.
What I love about the place is the fake.
The gloss of opulence.
The overwhelming excess of the trivial.
The mask, the semblance of success.
The veneer of luxury.
The façade of grandeur.
These elements are usually not evident because of the excess one is bombarded with. (The nice pleasant dry weather helps as well.)
But occasionally one sees the cracks in the fantasy that is Vegas.
On a recent trip I was able to see these cracks. There were guys painting bricks onto the Venetian hotel tower.
I thought they were laying brick at first – but that would not fit into the aura of Vegas – to use real bricks.