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Weekly Vinyl – Superman

15 Apr

O Superman (maxi-single)
Laurie Anderson


The infuriating thing about this album (maxi-single actually) is that there are only two songs on it. The songs are not remixed or dub versions of the original songs – just the original songs themselves, on a large record, meant to be played at 45 r.p.m.
I would like the songs to be longer. I would like there to be more songs. (I can always just pop in the album…) I don’t want to get up every few minutes to stop the record player, switch sides… (My Thorens turntable is a fully manual beast – no automation.)
The two songs are lengthy by pop standards but not long enough, for me.
O Superman was Laurie Anderson’s big breakout. It is a fantastic subtle song, that still can entice and enthral me after all these years. It is a timeless composition.
The B side is Walk the Dog which is a quirky tune that really reveals Anderson’s humour and musical sensibility.
A fun record … but I have to go and swap sides again.

Weekly Vinyl – Big Science

9 Aug

Big Science
Laurie Anderson


It is fashionable to say that some piece of music, or movie, or event, changed your life forever. I don’t believe in that simplistic view of humanity.
I do remember sitting riveted in place when I first heard Laurie Anderson’s O Superman (For Massenet). My mind was blown. I quickly acquired the album and listened to the whole thing. Amazing stuff. This was in the day when radio DJs were not robots and they would often play something that the listener needed to hear. And we needed to hear this.
It is still a wonderful collection of music 30 years later. The sparse sound is filled with soul and emotion. Each note leads into the next perfectly. The array of musical textures you get on this album is overwhelming, from raspy synthesisers to hear-wrenching violins. This album is a masterpiece.