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Weekly Wine – Mezzacorona

27 Jan

SONY DSCMezzacorona Novello
12.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Another new wine that comes with challenges. But first things first…
I love the label. It is very funky very cool. It looks classy and daring at the same time. If the wine is half as good as the label – we have a winner.
This wine is actually corked – with a real cork. Bonus eh!
Upon opening, uncorking, and tasting the wine I was quite puzzled – I had a hard time figuring out this wine. It is dry yet very fruity – the fruit gives it a sweet, syrupy flavour that hides the dryness. It is quite complex. The fruitiness is a mishmash of many fruits and it is hard to tell what you are tasting. It is akin to the Uzvar – Kompot’s that are drinks made with dried fruit for the Christmas season. The combination is sweet and the flavours are complex. So it is in this wine’s fruit explosion.
But the main question remains whether this is a good wine. The wine is perhaps not as good as the label but it is more than half as good – hence this wine is a winner.

Weekly Wine – Novello

13 Jan

SONY DSCNegrar Novello Del Vento Igt
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

New wine is always exciting. The reason – it is new. It tends to be a bit raw. It tends to be a bit unrefined. It tends to be a bit of a wild ride.
Look closely at the label – see the man, I’m assuming it to be a man because who ese would be so stupid, sticking his head in a lion’s mouth. That is the experience of drinking new wine – especially on the low end of the price spectrum.
And this wine … well the first sip felt like I stuck a small fury animal in my mouth. Perhaps that is a bit harsh. It was akin to what I imagine licking my daughters Guinea Pig would be like. I never even contemplated doing this deed by the way.
That being said – about half the bottle is gone and this wine is starting to grow on me. It is raw, untamed, biting … its initial harshness is then mollified by a burst of fruit flavour – not the fresh picked fruit off a vine or tree but that of nibbling some concentrated fruit.
This wine is not subtle.

Weekly Wine – Giocale Novello

3 Dec

SONY DSCTollo Novello Rosso Terre di Chieti
12.5% ABV
$9.45 (LCBO)

There was a time when I celebrated the new wines. I would scurry to the liquor store to greet these fresh wines as they arrived. As time passed, the ritual has become less intense but still celebrated.
So here is a fresh from the vineyard, off the boat (or plane), from the shelf Italian Novello wine. With great anticipation I unscrewed the bottle and poured the fresh wine into a glass. As the wine hit my taste buds I grimaced.
The next taste resulted in another grimace. I looked at the bottle and then my glass.
Another taste.
Another grimace.
Yeah… not to good. A bit too fresh. A bit too raw.
It’s drinkable – but barely.
With some wines you would let them age a bit. But this is a new wine. You can’t age it. So you have to drink it … if you dare.