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Night road

7 Aug

SONY DSCThis shot is taken in the evening on a bridge in northern Ontario. A long exposure and a passing pickup truck completes this photograph.

Postcard from the cold

14 Dec

This idyllic scene looks cold. And it is. It was close to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degree Fahrenheit) when I took this shot. It was nice and crisp but unfortunately overcast. There is never a blue sky when you want it.

Northern Pelican

28 Jul

This pelican was photographed swimming in the Lake of The Woods. I always though that the pelican was a tropical bird, yet I subsequently found out that some, not all, migrate to northern Ontario. I saw a documentary film about Australian pelicans where again, some – not all, pelicans migrate to a dry lake in the middle of the Australia desert, when particularly heavy rains create this lake. What a strange yet exquisite bird.

Moth Beauty

23 Jun

We were leaving a cottage on the Magnetawan River. This insect cane to say farewell. If all the forsaken insects that wanted a sample of our blood were so elegant, we would have stayed longer.