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Letter: Stopping Billy Bishop

26 Mar


Toronto has a nice little airport on its waterfront. The airport is on an Island. I like the airport. It used to serve private airplanes but a few years back an airline, Porter Air, started flying larger propeller craft from the airport. There was a controversy many years ago about building a bridge to the island to serve the increased traffic to the island airport. The airport is served by a small ferry. The citizens voted for the mayor who opposed the bridge and it has been pretty calm since then.
Recently the airline has wanted to expand its service and use jets. For this They would need to extend the airstrip into the lake and have much more infrastructure.
There is a vote on this in Toronto City Council coming up and I am writing to my councilor, Peter Milczyn.

Dear Councillor Milczyn,

I am writing to you in the hope that you will not support any expansion of service at the Island Airport – Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ).
I’ve been searching through the internet and I have been unable to see any categorical statements that you have made, either for or against. You have criticized Porter’s plan saying, β€œIt is no plan,” and I applaud you for that.
But I would like you to come out and definitely state that you are against airport expansion.
There are many reasons to be against this expansion but one of the best is that there is no easy access to the airport, either by public transport or by car. The intersection, Bathurst and Lakeshore, is a monumental mess as it is. I drive by there on occasion and always curse myself for forgetting what a vile pit of confusion it is. The only upside is seeing people abandon their stuck cabs and hoof it through traffic with their suitcases in tow to desperately try to make it on time for the flight. Perhaps the airport might make sense if there was a direct exit from the Gardiner Expressway. (Yea, that will never happen.)
Porter’s plans, for their expanded service, includes flights to Florida, the West coasts and many other points. We do not need to turn, what was a nice urban airport, into a minor International Airport.
Please come out strongly opposing any expansion of Billy Bishop airport.
Thank you,
Nestor Gula