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Night Eiffel

26 Mar


A handheld night shot of the Eiffel Tower.
I like night photography.
I should do more of it.

Night patterns

2 Oct

Flying over some city somewhere in North America, it think this is a suburb of Los Angeles, the streetlights make an interesting pattern. But like David Byrne sang, “I wouldn’t want to live there, No siree.”

LA at night

10 Jul

Los Angeles is a huge Metropolis.
I have spent a few days here and there in that city and I have never really had an LA moment where I really enjoyed that city.
The last timeI was there I tooka night flight out and was rewarded with great views of a massive city lit up.

Beach disco

31 Jan


A night shot of a beach disco at a resort in Cuba. I’m standing at the end of the beach. Behind me there are drunk people in the water. Every once in a while the DJ beseeches the drunks flopping around in the water that they should move to dry land as their activity is not safe.
The music boomed along and the inebriated frolicked in the surf.
This shot was a long exposure and hand held. I like the fact you can see some of the stars in the sky.
It was my first night at the resort.


6 Dec


I realize that sparklers are old technology but boy do they bring joy to kids. Especially on a fall night when they can zoom around and make great light figures. It also gives great opportunity to take a long exposure image. The hardest part was choosing which image to post.

Narvik night

11 May


This was taken nearly seven years ago when luck and providence found me in Narvik, Norway. I was leaving a bar, Route 66 if I remember correctly, after last call. It was still light out and there was no where to go but bed. Nice to be north of the Arctic circle. This is a view of the harbour from around my hotel.