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Night Eiffel

26 Mar


A handheld night shot of the Eiffel Tower.
I like night photography.
I should do more of it.

Night road

7 Aug

SONY DSCThis shot is taken in the evening on a bridge in northern Ontario. A long exposure and a passing pickup truck completes this photograph.

Starry night

24 Jul


I love night photography. This was a clear night – although a bit humid. The fuzzy thing is a passing cloud with the light reflected from a nearby town. I used a small flashlight to illuminate the part of the deck.

Night bridge

10 Apr

It was night in Trois-Rivières, Quebec and I just needed to get this shot.
This bridge, the Laviolette Bridge that spans the St.Laurence river is very impressive.
It was pitch dark and I had no tripod. The shore was a bog as it was spring. I had no boots.
I leaned against a tree and hoped for the best.

The Arc

8 Feb

I’ve been having the feeling that I need to get away.
I would like to go back to Paris.
Just to walk … from morning to night.
Just to walk in a beautiful city.
This image was taken with the camera resting on a traffic bollard with a 2 second exposure.
This image prompted me to buy a travel tripod.