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NY Van

19 Feb

Saw this van in New York.
I love it.
No one will let me paint the family car this way,
A shame.

Weekly Vinyl – Kid stories

1 Jul

Пoслухайте Дiту – Children, Listen
Lesia Khraplyva and others
(1970 – I think)

I love this cover.
I suppose the artist meant to draw a rocket ship behind the kids, the toys, the teddy bear, between the smiling moon and sun.
Sure looks like a ballistic missile to me. Is it my cynicism? Perhaps … But is a missile really necessary? This is a collection of Ukrainian children’s stories. There are no rockets – yes there is one about lying – but that could have been illustrated with a nice simple propeller airplane. ButI love the cover – So innocent yet so foreboding.
This was made in New York – Staten Island to be precise. And I’m looking at the reverse side of the album at the picture of the kids – about 10 to 12 years old, and wondering if they have a copy of this album. I’m also wondering where in New Jersey do they live. This album hasn’t been played for many years, perhaps 40 or so. It is nice to give it a voice again. It is nice to hear the kid’s voices come alive again.
I’ll have to play this for my kids soon.
And show them this cool cover.


6 Jun


Bus travel used to be the way North America moved. It was the way the world moves.

I’m trying to find the statistics on this but it is quite difficult.
I’m on a bus. It is a nice bus with WiFi and a 120 volt connector so my IPod doesn’t run out of juice. The Internet connectivity is just ok, it is a little slow and for some reason YouTube does not work. Hmmm…. I’m reminded of that Louis C. K. bit where he gets apoplectic about people who do not appreciate the marvels of current technology. His bugbear is. Guy complaining Internet on a plane. I’m not complaining – just commenting.
But reading statistical info on an iPad on a bouncing bus is difficult. There are many tiny numbers referring to passenger miles driven in a light duty vehicle with a short wheelbase (don’t mention the car) and whatnot. I started to compile this in a spreadsheet to make the numbers more accessible for me and you but gave up when the iPod kept slipping off my lap. (There are no airplane style tables on the bus. A major over site and my only real complaint about bus travel.) I’m also resisting the urge to consult Wikipedia – it is a lazy way to do it.
While pure statistics won’t make it here – various articles and reports do state that bus travel is growing in North America. This is because it is inexpensive. My trip from Toronto to New York costs a bit over 40 bucks. The bus is full to capacity. I take this trip every once I a while and the bus rarely has spare seats. And why not – it is cheap, relatively comfortable, has WiFi and gets you there Ina reasonable amount of time.
It takes a bit over 10 hours for this trip. Where I to fly. The flight itself would be about an hour. Plus you have to be at the airport three hours before the flight. The flight lands at Laguardia or JFK and that is far from the centre of Manhattan where the bus drops you off. So in effect the bus journey is only twice as long and as I’m doing the night bus, I usually just sleep and peruse the Interweb.
But the bus rolls on and adventure awaits…


24 Jan

New York City, in all its glory, from New Jersey – in all its glory.
Taken on the top floor of a Megabus heading to Philadelphia.
One World Trade Center is the big building in the center.
I tried to get the Empire State building in the shot but the bus was moving fast and it was quite bumpy.

Weekly Vinyl – Alicia

11 Sep

Свiте Тихий – Songs of the Ukraine
Alicia Andreadis
Here’s a weird record that is competently recorded, featuring great voices and nice backing music but is nearly completely unlistenable.
It is hard to describe what is going on here. There is the pathos, the longing, the bitterness – all set to bombastic melodramatic music.
It takes me back to my childhood sitting in hot humid church basements or low rent concert halls. I picture the singer Andreadis leaning against the piano, belting out tunes with a kerchief in her free hand.
The difference here is that you can hear the quality of the voices.
But still – this is an album that can clear a room.
Another thing – the producers of the Album called it “Songs of The Ukraine” They are dumbasses.

Decisions & directions

2 Nov

In New York, there are many decisions to be made …
This one is just well spelled out.

Eagles in the Sun

29 Jun

These are Golden eagles warming themselves in the sun.
This image was taken at the Mt. Morris dam, just south of Rochester.
The dam is used for flood protection and was dry at the time we visited.


2 Feb

New York out the window of an airplane over JFK.