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Desert boat

25 Sep


The juxtaposition of this motorboat on a drying/shrinking reservoir in Nevada is striking. We drove past a few marinas which were above the waterline and shut down. And people still think that climate change is a conspiracy. No facts, no evidence will get these people to change their mind.


21 Aug


There have been several years in a row that have been called the hottest years on record.
This one will probably be the next one.
The Hoover dam is going to be empty/ You can see what the high water mark used to be in theis shot.

Desert growth

19 Jun


Flying over the desert in California – these irrigation areas look very cool from the air. However they are wasting so much water in an area that has been in a consistent drought for many years. Not sure if this is wise.
I have spent too much time trying to find this place on Google Earth with no luck.

Desert Cabin

13 Sep

wwAs it gets colder, my thoughts turn to warmth. I stumbled upon some stone Cabins while in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. This is a shot from inside. The interior was nice and cool-ish – while the outside was hot and dry.