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Weekly Wine – Naked Grape (USA)

18 Nov


Naked Grape Pinot Grigio
Year: N/A
12% ABV
$9.99 (LCBO)

This wine confused me. Not because I had to write another review about an average Pinot Grigio wine. The confusion stemmed from the fact that there is a Canadian Naked Grape wine label. I’ve done the Uncorked Shiraz, but I’ve yet to do the others.
This is Naked Grape from California. It is a Pinot Grigio. I just had a swig of the wine and am trying to remember what it was like. I’ll have another.
It is unremarkable Pinot Grigio. A standard wine that will not offend anybody except the most militant of teetotallers. It is pleasant when well chilled on a hot day – like today when I am sampling it. What’s it like when it warms up – honestly, that won’t happen. It is hot outside and I’m on a balcony enjoying a great view – with a nice inoffensive wine to help me along.

Weekly Wine – Naked Grape

18 Jun

SONY DSCNaked Grape Uncorked Shiraz
year – N/A
12.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

So here is an inexpensive wine from Canada. I like the label and I like the name.
Naked grape. There is honesty here.
It proclaims itself as an “unoaked shiraz.”
This means it fermented in a plastic bucket – just like you can do at home.
It proclaims itself a combination of Canadian and International wines.
It calls itself a blend, but that word is too kind.
So it is not a blend of grapes but of fermented wine. A bunch of shiraz wines poured into a plastic bucket, it could be stainless steel, swirled around and bottled. Then sold.
The result … not too good.
It is sour. It tastes like wine I made at home. It tastes like wine I made at the Swansea Brew Club back in the day. I paid about two bucks a litre for that stuff. This costs more.