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Weekly Wine – Montalto Nero

28 May

SONY DSCMontalto Nero D’Avola Cabaret Sauvignon
14% ABV

I wasn’t really expecting much here. An inexpensive wine from Italy. Sicily to be exact. It had a high alcohol content, so I figured that this wine was potent and putrid.
I was also rather exhausted as I opened this wine. I was hopeful but despondent. I felt like having a drink but was unsure if it would raise my mood.
This wine is all right. A bit sour. The dryness is a bit pronounced. But the flavours are pleasant. I take several more sips trying to find something negative to latch on to. But I can’t.
Perhaps the alcohol is affecting me? It is just my second glass so that can’t be it.
As I float my way down to the inside of this bottle, some of the true character emerges. It sits heavy on the palate. Not just the palate but the whole mouth. It is not so bad as unrefined. It mentions on the label that it was aged in oak barrels (French and American) for three months and this I guess is this wines quandary.
It has the makings of a great wine but is just not quite there.
A a nine buck wine it is wonderful.