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Weekly Wine – Merlot Creek

21 Dec

smcmSawmill Creek Merlot
Year: N/A
Canada and international
12.5% ABV
$9.95 (Alberta)

This one has a cork. I’ve tried other Sawmill Creek wines previously and they were unremarkable and barely drinkable.
The others were screw caps, so does the cork on the bottle ad a bit of gravitas? Does it improve the experience? The taste?
It is another unremarkable wine. This medium bodied wine is a bit spicy and a bit sour. I cannot make out any of the flavours – it was wine wined flavoured wine. The spice and sourness probably comes from the sulphites in this mix and not from any of the fermented grapes that were blended to produce this wine. These wines could be from anywhere.
I should stop drinking these hybrid wines, but I’m forever an optimist hoping against hope that a good one will be found. This will be a difficult task, as the wines blended to make these hybrid swills are not of the highest quality.
As for this wine, I’m contemplating whether to nurse this bottle to the final conclusion, and the inevitable headache one gets from bad wines, or pour it into the loo.

Weekly Wine – Southern Blend

2 Nov

1102tocsmTwo Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot
South Africa
13.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

The label of this wine screams quality.
It looks elegant. It looks sophisticated. It looks like it costs more than ten bucks.
Well it tastes like ten bucks. Perhaps a bit more – but not much more.
It is an okay wine – a bit unrefined, a bit raw, a bit sour.
The acidity is noticeable as are the sulphites. There is a nice cherry flavour but that is whisked away by the sourness and acidity. Are they sour cherries? Not sure.
This wine has a pleasant body that is not too heavy so perhaps that’s what brings out the sourness and acidity. The medium body and acidity actually work well on a warm evening so this is why this wine presents me with a quandary.
Is it a great wine? No.
Is it OK? Yeah… I guess so.
Would I buy it again? Probably.

Weekly Wine – Orange Rosé

21 Sep

0921lorroseL’Orangeraie Rose Vin de Pays d’Oc
12.5% ABV
$9.85 (LCBO)

This is a very nice sharp wine.
I was expecting a bit more of a sweet experience- but this is a very nicely blended and tempered wine.
It is a mix of four grape types – syrah (shiraz), grenache, merlot and cinsault. I’m familiar with the first three, but am drawing a blank on the last one. The last one, cinsault, makes up 50 per cent of the grapes used in this wine and it is a new one for me. I’m tempted to go to Wikipedia and search for this wine but it is late and this wine is quite good.
Here’s the link – I haven’t read it.
This wine is quite a delight – even as it warms up to room temperature. (It is quite warm in my writing den at the moment) There is a bit of acidity – but not too much. There are subtle flavours that dance around the palate but do not dominate. If needed, I could concentrate and determine what fruits and other flavours this wine hints at.
But that would be work.
This is a wine for enjoyment.
And I will enjoy it now.

Weekly Wine – Astica

20 Jul

AsticaMMTrapiche Astica Merlot/Malbec
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

This is the first Argentinian wine that I have had in a while.
I was conducting a very quiet boycott doe to the political situation in that country. As well, I had sampled everything under ten bucks – and even some above 10 dollars.
This wine was new to me. I did drink and review the white wine from this label many moons ago.
This wine is nice and robust. I like the spicyness that the Malbec grapes give to the wine. It has a full body and for some reason that dulls the wine a bit. It is not as lively as some other Malbec wines. It might be the way it is blended with the Merlot grapes.
The wine is fine but it does have a palate of inexpensiveness. In a blind taste test you would have no trouble distinguishing that this is wine under ten bucks.
But it is actually under eight bucks. So it is a great value wine.
It just tastes a little dodgy.

Weekly Wine – Adesso

18 May

AdessoCesari Adesso Merlot d’Italia
12% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

Cheap Italian wine.
What would I do without you? Spend more money no doubt.
This is wine that is inexpensive and it tastes inexpensive. There is no fooling anyone here. Like cheap furniture gussied up to look respectable, there is no hiding the fact that this is some of the least expensive wine you can buy in Ontario.
It is dry, but a little too dry – you want a sip of water after sipping it. There is a weird aftertaste – a little acidic, a little sour, a little distasteful. You can feel the sulphites on your tongue but they are not the cause of all the woe.
That’s because there is really not too much woe here. You bought a very inexpensive wine – under eight bucks.
Wadda you want?
There are no great sins here but then again nothing really positive with this wine.
It is wine.
It is cheap.
Enjoy it for what it is.

Weekly Wine – Kressmann

6 Jan

SONY DSCKressmann Selection Merlot
12.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

The first sip of this wine puts a little grimace on the lips. Some might take it as a smile – suggesting that you are enjoying this wine.
But no.
The wine is dry, acidic and has a distinctive sulphite aftertaste.
With subsequent tastes the sensation remains and I get confused as to how to rate this wine. It ain’t bad but it ain’t good.
This wine used to be a staple at weddings, funerals, and other such events. It is a very standard table wine. And it’s French so it has some cache.
But there are better French wines at or near this price point. Not to mention Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or other “new world” wines. In France, in Parisian shops, there are much better wines for about half the price. (And they say Paris is expensive…)
The more I drink this wine the harder it goes down. I think about the weddings and functions I was at and had this wine in my very, very youthful era. I enjoyed it then because it was free and plentiful. Time has moved on and this wine feels nostalgic and old – it is harsh and uninteresting.
What a pity.

Weekly Wine – Jackson-Triggs

16 Dec


Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Merlot Proprietors’ Selection
Year: N/A
750ml$9.95 (LCBO)

This is an elegant looking wine. Just look at the label. This surely must cost more than a simple sawbuck.
But no.
This wine is engineered to cost less than ten smackers.
It is a Canadian wine that is `Blended from international and Canadian wines.” So the result is a fairly passable medium wine.
It is a medium wine so it is rather sweet to my taste. It is smooth. It has a good full body with lots of flavour. This is not a bad wine to serve at weddings or receptions because, honestly, I can’t see anybody being offended by this wine.
Hat’s off to the ones who blended this.



Weekly Wine – Macedonian Merlot

19 Aug


Ezimit Merlot
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)
I saw this in the LCBO and had to pick it up. It was the right price – first off. And I have never had, to my immediate knowledge, wine from Macedonia.
The wine comes in a rather fancy bottle – it has one of those fancy fluted bottle openings on top. It looks nice but I`ve never seen an expensive bottle with this feature. Unwrapping the bottle, the first thing that strikes me is the cork. It is not a natural cork but one of those artificial plastic ones. This one has a weird feel to it. The top has the texture of expandable foam – the kind you use to insulate your house or fill the gaps between your wall and windows and doors.
As for the wine…
It is barely passable. It tastes of good homemade wine – from the hills and valleys of Macedonia. It is interesting, but only because it is from Macedonia – land of Alexander the Great.

Weekly Wine – Piat D’or

21 May

SONY DSCPiat D’or Merlot
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This wine was, and is, a standard cheap, inexpensive, plonk. It is a rudimentary wine that does not offend. It does not really entice love, admiration, respect or praise either.
It is a wine.
I am finding it difficult to describe this wine. It is late. I am tired.
This wine is remarkable for being unremarkable.
There are no sour notes in this wine.
There are no notable features in this wine.
This is a wine I would recommend to someone who has never had wine before. It has a wine-grape flavour without any complexities.
There are no harsh flavours. There is no unpleasant after taste.
It is a wine.
It is French.
The only drawback of this wine is that many people have bought and drank this wine. They know it and know the price. So serving it might get some odd looks from some people.
It is best not to invite these people as this wine is good.

But good.


Weekly Wine – Donini

7 May

SONY DSCDonini Merlot di Piave

12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

For the life of me I thought this bottle was corked. It had that plasticky wrap just like corked bottles do. The neck opening was a tad thicker than usual but I thought that this was due to the bottle being a one litre size.
I was shocked when I unwrapped the plastic and sap a plain-Jane screw cap looking at me.
My expectations for the wine sank.
They were lifted when I took the first few sips. Not bad. Good flavour. The sulphites are not too prominent. The wine does have a bit of a sour off flavour to it. This is definitely a wine that should be consumed with food.
After the food, toasted bread and some dried sausage, I got well used to the wine. I burrowed deeper into its largess. The wine is quite light in alcohol, so there was no danger of me loosing my faculties.
I like the fact that I don’t have to fumble around for the cork to close up the bottle. The only question is will there be anything left in the bottle that might escape.