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Planting raspberries

29 May

Victoria Day has come and gone.
Memorial day is today.
This means – the start of summer and planting season in the North-East part of North America.
The garden centers are packed with people buying more stuff than they actually need for their gardens.
I was on the lookout for Raspberry bushes.
Mine got destroyed when a neighbor replaced the fence in the back last fall.
The raspberry bushes on sale looked rather weak and pathetic – they retailed for about 25 bucks per bush. This is a bit dear and over the top in my opinion.
The funny thing about plants and seeds and nature in general is that it has a way of regenerating itself. I had stuck a few twigs of my ruined raspberry bushes in the ground late last fall and after coming home from the garden center empty handed I checked out the twigs.
They were starting to sprout.
Sure – I might not have raspberries from these bushes this year but I can buy many raspberries for the price of that one bush for the one year. The raspberries will be fine next year.
My philosophy of gardening is that I do this to have fun and watch things grow. I am not doing this to stave off starvation.
Three out of the five twigs that I stuck in the ground are growing – so it seems. The bushes are coming along fine. I am content.