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Weekly Wine – Melodias

10 Aug

MelodiasMelodias Red Blend
13.5% ABV
$6.95 (LCBO)

Is it possible for a wine to be too full bodied?
Is possible for a wine to be too fruity while not being sickly sweet?
Yes to both counts with this wine.
It is heavy and fruity. The sweetness is listed as medium and that is about right – it is not sweet but it is just bordering on being a grape or fruit drink – with a bit of a punch.
It is wonderfully inexpensive though.
I figure it could make some passable home-made Sangria but I feel that the heavy body will make that experience unfulfilling.
This is cheap, fruity, heavy wine. I wouldn’t use it for Sangria or sauses because I would spend a buck or two more for something better.
It has a nice label though.